Everything I Ever Meant To Say
Everything I Ever Meant To Say

Everything I Ever Meant To Say

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Everything I Ever Meant To Say by Michael Ome Untiedt

Oil on Linen panel

24" x 30"

31" x 37" (framed)

From the Artist
"I don't remember where I first saw this light. It was many many years ago. I recall I was in a mountain valley, and a storm was coming down hard off the mountain. I also remember being in a hurry to find a paved road as it looked like I was due for a gully washer, and I didn't want it get stuck in the middle of nowhere's mud. Despite the hurry, I stopped for about ten minutes to watch the light change as the storm swept across the valley, thinking many thoughts, one of which was I wanted to etch this moment in my mind, I didn't want a camera to interfere with what I was feeling.
I was thinking about how transitory everything in our lives is. We live in an existence of constant change, the great Cosmic River never satisfied with damming up and staying put as still water. I thought about the many things from the past I still missed, days and people now gone, even places changed to a point of not recognizing them any more. That is the tyranny of time...though it provides us with a hope for the future, it takes apart and away things held close to our hearts in the present, rapidly turning them into the past tense. That is what this painting is about, or at least about a young man who waited for the days of grey hair to paint his thoughts." - Michael Ome Untiedt

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