Red Bird

Red Bird

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Oil on Venetian Plaster petroglyph

60" x 36"

"Red Bird (Leroy Whiteman) is a member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe of Montana. Leroy honored us a few years ago by modeling for our artist's group. After painting his portrait from life, I was inspired to use him in my first Petroglyph. He is depicted wearing his great-grandfather's war bonnet and carrying a rifle given to his great-grandfather by one of General George Armstrong Custer's officers. In the painting, he is wearing a medal around his neck commemorating the 100th anniversary of the infamous Battle of the Little Big Horn. The carvings in the stone represent both Red Bird's personal life an the lives of notable Cheyenne people. If you look closely you can see a herd of horses, a buffalo hunt, and a sun ceremony. I signed the painting with my own handprint, silhouette-blown with a charcoal dust." - Deborah

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