Ol' Iron Wrists by Ol' Iron Wrists

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Self portrait by Charles Fritz (AKA 'Iron Wrists')

This has been officially evaluated by an appraiser at $20,000 - $25,000. We are willing to sell it at $20,000 in order to find a good home.

Oil on panel

24" x 16"

29.5" x 21.5" (framed)

Story Behind the Painting:

Charles Fritz would often wear his finest traditional buckskin gear in the Montana backcountry while hunting to get reference photos for his paintings. This particular moment was during a trip outside of Red Lodge hunting Big Horn Sheep and Mountain Goat. Unfortunately, the excursion was cut short when Charles was bucked off his mule. He fell onto a rock, rupturing his spleen, and breaking both wrists. EMS safely transported him to a hospital where they repaired his wrists with metal rods, screws, and staples. Luckily, Fritz was able to hunt again before the season ended and fill his Bighorn Sheep tag. The next spring, Charles was in Great Falls at a Quick Finish event and decided to paint this self portrait to commemorate his experience, signing the piece "C. Fritz, a.k.a Iron Wrists." A plaque on the frame reads "Ol' Iron Wrists by Ol' Iron Wrists."

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