Cheyenne Spring

Cheyenne Spring

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Oil on Venetian Plaster petroglyph

60" x 30"

"This artwork is one of my 'Petroglyphs' - a painting done on a stone-like surface, using the techniques of oil painting, texture, and carving. The model (Ariel Whiteman) for Cheyenne Spring is a member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe of Montana. She modeled live for our portrait group in Bozeman. At that time she was a student at the University of Montana, and had been considered for the role of Sacajawea in a forthcoming movie. 'Cheyenne Spring' is based on the novel (and movie) Cheyenne Autumn. This saga recounts the heart-breaking fifteen-hundred mile flight of the Cheyenne people in 1878 form the Indian Territory back to their homeland in the Yellowstone County, now Montana. 'Cheyenne Spring' verse carved on the petroglyph is taken from a poem by Wayne Leman, and reflects on the hope and future of today's Cheyenne People." - Deborah

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